Why Lucre?

We have very convincing reasons to explain why you should choose lucre for your Investments. We, at Lucre aim at aiding the Investors reach their financial goals. We suggest you the products for your Investment only after carefully analyzing your portfolio which you cannot expect from Individual providers. Also, we are never under pressure of selling the product and hence the client can be assured of 'No Mis-selling'.

Why to go for a Wealth Management Company rather than Individual providers?

The first and foremost advantage that a Wealth Management Company offers is the 'Variety' of products that it provides. The Investor need not analyze the products from Individual service providers to choose the best one. Moreover our products are based on the Investors priority. We have carefully selected our products based on most valuable Investor's choice. We have also looked upon the performance of the providers. All our products are from the top most Companies. It's always the product which you like and not the one which we choose.

Is Insurance a better Investment?

It may sound surprising but the truth is that Insurance is not an Investment. Insurance is aimed at providing you the survival benefits plus aiding your family after your survival. It helps your family to regain the same financial status even after your survival.Survival benefits include 'Guaranteed Returns'. However, not many Insurance products provide guaranteed returns. We have a variety of products assuring Guaranteed returns wherein you can choose the best product according to your requirements and expectations.

How important is Health insurance?

We are very well aware of the rising hospitalization costs. At critical times, we cannot bring our self to think about how to pay the bills rather than thinking about the wellness of our loved ones. With Health Insurance in hand, you can be at Peace of Mind and take care of your loved ones instead of worrying about the heavy costs. Health Insurance aids you completely with the hospitalization costs whereas you need not pay a single penny to the hospital. Health Insurance products are very affordable with low cost premium rates. So, cover your family with Health Insurance for a hassle free hospitalization.

Is Travel Insurance really necessary?

Of course, yes. Many of us don't really understand the necessity of Travel Insurance. Travel Insurance is not only for your protection till you have a safe journey till your home but also for your well being wherever you go.

The following example would explain this.

Mr.Varun is all excited about his journey to London for the official business meeting. His family is excited about too since it is his first journey abroad. After giving him a warm send off, they are all full of anxiety about the safety of his trip. Mr.Varun reaches London and conveys it to his family. They are much relieved to know that he has reached safely. But, does this end here?

Soon after, Mr.Varun realizes that he is sick. He rushes to the hospital to find himself in a critical state. It was the epidemic flu that infected him. He is very much worried about the expense since he is all alone. Thanks to the Travel Insurance which he took just before his travel, he is now fully entitled to avail 'Cashless Hospitalization'. He need not panic anymore about the hospitalization. So easy to take, so worthy to choose, so happy you return.

Why Mutual Funds?

Many of us want to invest in Equities but don't have the time to research and trade. For such people, Mutual Fund is the best solution. Professional Management and portfolio diversification makes the Mutual Fund a best investment solution. Reduction of risk through diversification is the greatest advantage of Mutual Funds.

Can I invest in Direct Equities?

Sure. For those who think they can spend time in trading and ready to bear the risks, Direct Equities can be a very promising investment opportunity. They only have to keep track of the Market trends and act accordingly. No worry if you are a beginner. Professional guidance is always available at your doorsteps through Lucre.